Swapnow’s Token Sale is Live!

Our token sale at https://swapnow.online. This token sale event allows participants to contribute to SwapNow and receive SWP tokens. The maximum SWP token supply is 10 million tokens. During the Token Sale, the Token exchange rate will be as follows: 1 SWP = $0,10 USD. During the Token Sale of SWP, 50% of released tokens (5,000,000 SWP) will be available to the public for making an investment. The minimum purchase amount is $50 USD. Early contributors of SWP receive a extra bonus after the Token Sale round. All unsold tokens will be burned at the end of the Token sale. All Tokens will be of equal value and functionality. Only use https://swapnow.online domain for purchase SWP tokens. Please, double check website address before contribute to SwapNow project.

Steps to participating in SWP Token Sale

4. Enter the your email address.
5. Please be sure to enter the TRC compatible wallet address from which you will be receive SWP.
6. Click “ Process Exchange” button to continue.

7. Double check all details and click “Confirm order” button.

8. Send your assets to following address (Send Tron (TRX)). Note: You can see here ETH, BTC, Doge and other wallets depends on your contribution assets.

9. Enter the transaction hash here and click “ Confirm Transaction” button.
10. Congratulations! You’ve done! You will receive your purchase SWP tokens within few minutes.

Stay Connect us !

SwapNow token (SWP) is a token based on the TRC20 standard and Tron blockchain. Thus, this token is guaranteed to work properly in the ecosystem. It can be used in other decentralized programs without any problems. TRC20 standard ensures the token meets the security requirements that are common in the industry. We will use only current website for receive contribution to SwapNow platform and token. We will be fully update platform after end of the Token Sale.

What is the SwapNow?


SwapNow allows users to easily exchange one cryptocurrency for another. With Swap, you can exchange crypto from your wallet. SwapNow Token (also known as “SWP”) is the digital asset used within our service. SWP Token is used as a unit of reward and trade. SWP is our token on the TRON Network. The SWP token is a TRC20 token. SwapNow has no hidden fees. When you make a swap, you will see a total cost without hidden fees.

You can contact us by email or social networks. If you’ve got a question about SwapNow, a problem we can sort out, or some feedback that would help us get better, we’d love to hear from you. All questions and inquiries will bе attended tо in a professional mаnnеr.
Best Regards,
SwapNow Team

SwapNow is a crypto swap platform to exchange one crypto to another.